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Arc GLOW family shares their story​

Family members founded what today is Arc GLOW, a chapter of The Arc New York — the largest organization of its kind in the nation serving individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The needs of those we serve in Genesee, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties are many, and the community’s support over the past several decades has truly been a gift. During our 2023 Annual Appeal, we are sharing how just one family’s life has been positively impacted by the programs and services we offer.


Meet the Hill Family

Gary and Marlene Hill’s connection to Arc GLOW began over 40 years ago following the birth of their second son, Daniel, on May 25, 1982. Already the parents of 2-year old David, they were excited to welcome a newborn to their family.

The doctor told the Medina couple that Daniel was a, “floppy baby,” or had low muscle tone and would need to be watched closely to ensure he was meeting developmental milestones. They took baby Daniel home and began their life as a family of four.

“The doctor was right,” Marlene said. “Daniel wasn’t doing what he should be doing between the ages of 3 and 9 months, like rolling over or trying to crawl. We needed help.”

Discovering Early Intervention

Early intervention services through the Orleans Arc chapter began, with Daniel receiving occupational, speech and physical therapies at home. 

“They were our biggest resource,” Gary said. “We learned so much. They gave us knowledge, support and the tools to help Daniel begin meeting his milestones.”  

From there, Daniel’s Arc journey continued with center-based services when he was 2½ until he began attending Kindergarten in a BOCES classroom through the Medina School District. 

daniel 2

Magical Summers and Camp Rainbow

Summers were an especially wonderful time for Daniel as he attended Arc’s Camp Rainbow in Lyndonville. “He loved going to camp, everything about it,” his father said.

Camp Rainbow, founded in 1970, is a summer day camp available to all children ages 5-21. The Shenberger family generously donated the Lyndonville property that is home to Camp Rainbow to help create a place where children with disabilities had opportunities for fun and interaction. While Camp Rainbow was originally designed to meet the needs of children with developmental and/or physical disabilities, it is now open to all children promoting integration and inclusion.

The Hill family’s summers were planned around the camp schedule.  The four of them attended hundreds of baseball games where Dan became especially interested in the umpire’s role — he even had his own “clicker” to keep track of balls and strikes. “Dan loves baseball. We’ve met a lot of umpires over the years who have taken time to visit with us and share a few kind words,” Gary said.

daniel 3

Starting Over

The week of Daniel’s high school graduation brought with it a huge setback. He lost his memory.

“It was devastating, we had to be reteach him everything, even chewing and swallowing,” his mother shared. An exam by a neurologist confirmed Daniel had not one, but two strokes. “He had been doing so well, and was even able to stay home alone for short periods, pack his lunch and do other typical household tasks; we had to start all over again.”

While the Hill’s navigated Daniel’s medical problems related to his strokes, they continued to utilize Arc services like respite and recreation, which focus on community involvement and integration.  A trial period at Arc’s Orleans Enterprises work center lasted only a short time due to his memory issues.  Today, Daniel attends Arc GLOW’s Academy Street Day Habilitation program and lives at an Arc residence in Albion. “He loves visiting us each week at our family home, but is always ready to go back to what we now know he considers his home,” his mom said. 

When Daniel became a part of the Arc family, mom and dad did, too. Gary, in a support role, and Marlene as a member of the Board of Directors. “I quickly realized the commitment Arc feels toward the individuals they serve and their families,” Marlene said.  Together they are vocal advocates, and supporters, committed to continuing Arc GLOW’s mission of helping people with disabilities achieve their fullest potential. 

Arc GLOW Today

Arc GLOW currently serves over 2,000 individuals, from infants to seniors, and their families across 2,400 square miles of our four counties. Quality services provided include residential, vocational, day habilitation, community services, self-direction, recreation, transportation, KidStart children’s services, business services and Camp Rainbow.  It is Gary and Marlene Hill’s hope that by sharing their Arc story you will be inspired to support Arc GLOW’s 2023 Annual Appeal.

"We really don’t know what we would have done without the support of Arc services and staff after we had Daniel. They gave us hope and a sense of security we so desperately needed. The agency feels like family, and helped us raise our son. Before Dan was born, we had no idea what Arc was all about. We never thought we would need Arc’s services, but when we did, they were there for us and they will be there for you if needed by your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbor. Please join us in celebrating the over 2,000 children and adults and their families whose lives are enriched by Arc GLOW — Every. Single. Day. Please help.”
Gary and Marlene Hill

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