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Protection of People Receiving Services

Arc GLOW is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment in which all people receiving services will be free from abuse and neglect. Abuse and Neglect, as defined by Chapter 14, Part 624 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations and summarized in the Learning About Incidents brochure, are prohibited at Arc GLOW. Arc GLOW’s Quality Assurance department is responsible for ensuring compliance with incident reporting and abuse prevention regulations and procedures and works closely with agency employees as a resource.

Arc GLOW also provides support and intervention to assist in the prevention of and recovery from events as defined by Chapter 14, Part 625 of the New York Code of Rules and Regulations that occur to individuals while they are not under the auspices of our agency. These events are the result of something negative that happens while a person is under their own or someone else’s care. Referrals to external entities are made as needed, to ensure protection.

Regardless of classification, safeguards must be implemented IMMEDIATELY to ensure the safety of individuals receiving services.

Required Reporting

All employees and any other custodian, as defined by The NYS Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs (Justice Center) must report all notable occurrences (minor and serious) and reportable incidents (significant incidents and allegations of abuse/neglect) that may have occurred involving a person receiving OPWDD services IMMEDIATELY after discovery, as soon as all individuals involved are deemed safe.

All employees/custodians must report all events that occur while an individual is not under the auspices of Arc GLOW (Chapter 14, Part 625 events) no later than 24 hours after discovery or upon the start of the next working day if discovered after hours.

Investigation and Follow Up

All incidents are thoroughly investigated by a trained agency investigator, unless conducted by either The NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) or The Justice Center. Based on investigation results, employees found to be in violation of Arc GLOW abuse prevention or incident reporting policies are subject to corrective and/or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  Corrective actions may be recommended by the investigator, the management team, Quality Assurance personnel, or any oversight entity in the interest of protecting and supporting individuals who receive services from Arc GLOW.

All incident investigations and follow up for events not occurring under the agency’s auspices are reviewed by Arc GLOW’s Incident Review Committee, consisting of a cross section of employees and members of Arc GLOW’s Board of Directors. The committee’s role is to ensure any concerning trends are addressed and corrective measures are implemented and effective. Committee members are recused if there are potential conflicts of interest.

Jonathan’s Law

Jonathan’s Law, enacted May 5, 2007, requires a more extensive notification and disclosure process for all reportable incidents and notable occurrences to a “qualified party” (i.e. guardian, parent, spouse, adult child, or adult sibling).

The notification and disclosure requirements apply to events or situations which occur under the auspices of the agency, and must be by telephone or in person, within 24 hours of incident occurrence or discovery. The agency will complete and send out a “Report on Actions Taken” to address the incident within 10 days of incident occurrence or discovery. The “Qualified Party” may request a meeting with a program director or quality assurance personnel to discuss the incident and/or a redacted copy of the incident report.

A redacted copy means that all names, locations, and other identifying information are removed to maintain confidentiality. If requested, a redacted copy of the initial incident will be forwarded to the qualified party within 10 days of receipt of the written request. A qualified party may also request a redacted copy of the investigation report for any reportable incident (as defined in 14 NYCRR Part 624.3). If requested, a redacted copy of the investigation report will be forwarded to the qualified party within 21 days of case closure by the agency’s Incident Review Committee (or 21 days from date of written request if the incident is already closed). 

For More Information or To Report an Incident

 Contact Arc GLOW Quality Assurance Department:
Incident Reporting Line – 585-524-2759, 8 AM – 4 PM Monday – Friday
Lori Peraino -585-519-5329, Non-Business Hours