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Community Connections

Community Connections is a Monday through Friday, full day pre-vocational program where participants have an opportunity to explore jobs and work through a variety of volunteer opportunities. Community Connections is a place where you will prepare for paid employment by learning how communication, attention, problem solving, finishing a task and safety all come together to make someone ready to work. 
Community Connections spends a great deal of time in the community where people can explore their interests and strengths. They also have classroom and program site time to assess work skills. 

Volunteer Connections

At Community Connections, a program offered in Arc GLOW’s southern region, we partner with local organizations to help individuals learn and practice important workforce skills such as:

Whether it’s working in an office setting, offering food assistance or helping animal organizations in need, Community Connections helps match our individuals to fulfilling opportunities right in their own community. Community Connections provides the tools for individuals to take on new opportunities, discover new abilities and gain independence.

Testimonials from Community Connections Workers

"At Community Connections, we figure out what our individuals want to do for a job, and then what skills they will need to do that job. We then identify real work opportunities where they can practice and improve those skills.”

Get Started

Contact Jean Agililli to learn more about Arc GLOW’s Community Connections program.