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Supported Employment

Having a job in the community is a goal of many adults with disabilities. Arc GLOW makes this possible for many of our clients by providing job placement and coaching services. Through our Supported Employment Program, we identify the support needed to assist individuals with learning, maintaining, and enhancing job performance. Our job coaches will also follow up with the employer to make sure expectations are met.

Our many Supported Employment success stories include placements as restaurant employees, custodians, stock clerks, and manufacturing positions. We partner with many businesses in our region to help provide the widest array of career opportunities for the people we serve.

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Our Comprehensive Services

Supported Employment services are person centered services that assist approved individuals who are looking for competitive integrated employment. The service includes supports with obtaining, maintaining, and advancing for a successful employment outcome.  Individuals interested in Supported Employment services should have the ability to safely have a level of independence while in the local community.

supported employment
Job Assessment and Placement

Our experts assess each individual’s strengths, interests, and abilities to identify suitable employment opportunities. We work closely with local businesses to secure job placements.

On-the-Job Training 

Our program offers hands-on training and support to ensure individuals acquire the necessary skills to excel in their chosen roles.

Job Coaching and Support

 We provide ongoing job coaching and support to help individuals succeed in the workplace, including assistance with workplace adaptation and conflict resolution.

Community Integration

 Our clients are encouraged to be active members of the community, promoting social interaction and building a strong support network.

Career Advancement

 We assist individuals in setting and achieving their long-term career goals, helping them move forward in their chosen fields.

“I like the challenge of my job, and trying to meet the needs of what has to be done, trying to improve each time. I have a pickiness about cleaning, and want the places that I clean to look like a five-star hotel.”
David France
“I love my job, and I take a lot of pride in it. My specialty is janitorial work, and I get a lot of compliments on my work. I have a job coach, and their support is important, but I mostly work independently. If I didn’t do this work, then the work wouldn’t get done. The skills that I’ve learned in Supported Employment have helped me be more independent in my non-work life, where I just moved into my own apartment.”
Kim Dieter


ACCES-VR stands for Adult Career & Continuing Educational Services – Vocational Rehabilitation. ACCES-VR contracts with agencies such as Arc GLOW to fund provision of assessment, job preparation, and/or job placement services.

ACCES-VR may also fund intensive training and long-term follow-along supported employment services, including job coaching. Individuals who wish to enter or re-enter the workforce and are diagnosed with a disability that serves as a barrier to attaining or maintaining employment may be eligible for ACCES-VR funded services through Arc GLOW.

ACCES-VR may refer individuals to Arc GLOW for assessment services to help determine eligibility for additional ACCES-VR funded services.


Employment Training Program (ETP) is a time limited intensive internship program.

ETP includes discovery, targeted job development, employment readiness classes, coaching, and support in transitioning from the internship into SEMP. ETP is utilized as an entry point into employment for those with limited or no work history or those who need more time to determine what they are interested in and what skills they have that match that job.

All work performed during the internship is paid at NYS minimum wage.


SEMP provides job development, placement services, and ongoing support to maintain employment. SEMP services are available to adults over the age of 18 enrolled in OPWDD’s Home and Community Based Waiver Services throughout the GLOW region.

Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE)

You don’t have to take the first step in starting your career alone.

For individuals impacted by a mental health diagnosis, the best approach to gaining workforce skills may be through group activities and community exposure. ACE, an Office of Mental Health (OMH) employment program, helps individuals gain important skills and social contacts through volunteer activities.

Our trained staff works directly with individuals to understand their needs and goals. The goal of this program is competitive employment, which means minimum wage or above for 20 hours or more a week. People advance at their own pace.

Once the program is completed, individuals will have the confidence and skill set to begin a fulfilling career journey.

Who Qualifies For ACE?

Any adult in the Livingston or Wyoming County area with a mental health diagnosis that is actively attending mental health counseling and struggles with the idea of work.

Signing Up

Individuals sign up typically through a mental health case manager, office for workforce development, housing case manager or social services, but people may also apply directly to intake. They will need to fill out an application, and we ask that they have a counselor and sign a release if we need to get in touch with them. We also need an up-to-date physical.

Testimonials from ACE Workers

“The ACE program provides an opportunity for individuals to contribute to the workforce and feel a sense of pride in themselves because of their accomplishments.”
Lisa Hewitt, community mental health nurse
“The ACE program gives an opportunity for all people to better themselves in the working community.”
Mary Goodenow, family care provider

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