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Having a say in your life

Through developing a Circle of Support and comprehensive Person Centered Planning; Self-Direction gives individuals with IDD (and their caregivers), the ability to decide on a mix of supports and services that work best for their needs. Supports and services can include help to find and keep a job, help to live safely and learn new skills, help to learn about and enjoy activities in their community, help to stay healthy and more.

Through co-management, Self-Direction gives individuals and families greater control over the services they receive, how they receive them and who provides them.

Self-Direction allows people with IDD to have more control and flexibility to live as independently as they are able within their homes and communities. Anyone who is eligible for OPWDD (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities) services and enrolled in the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waiver can choose to self-direct their services.

Interested? Reach out to your Care Coordinator for additional assistance.


Self Directed HCBS Waiver Services

Fiscal Intermediary

As a Fiscal Intermediary agency, we provide HCBS Waiver services that support the self-directing person in billing and payment of budgeted goods and services, fiscal accounting and reporting, ensuring Medicaid and corporate compliance, conducting required staff background checks and general administrative supports.

Support Brokerage

A Support Broker provides support to a person who chooses to self-direct their services by assisting the person/family with development, maintenance and monitoring of a Self-Direction Budget, facilitates Circle of Support (COS) ensuring the team keeps the person’s best interests in mind and operates within the principles of self-determination.


Community Habilitation

Services delivered largely in the community and designed to encourage community integration and promote independence, Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), travel training, communication, social skills, financial management, adaptive skill development, personal care, health care and protective oversight and supervision.


A service provided to relieve caregivers who provide primary care and support of someone with a developmental disability.

Supported Employment

A service that includes both direct and indirect activities associated with helping a person get a job and gain skills necessary to retain the job.


Community Transition Services

A once-in-a-lifetime $3,000 allotment to assist an individual with expenses related to moving out of a certified setting and into a non-certified setting (household items, security deposit, first month’s rent, etc.).


Individualized Directed Goods and Services

Services, equipment or supplies not otherwise provided through OPWDD’s HCBS waiver or through the Medicaid State Plan that address an identified need in a participant’s service plan.

Live-In Caregiver

A service that uses an unrelated care provider who resides in the same household as the person, and provides as-needed support to the participant, so that he/she can live safely and successfully in his or her own home.


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