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Family Support Services ​

FSS provide programs and supports to help families keep their loved ones with developmental disabilities safe and living at home.   

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for FSS, a person must:

1. Have established eligibility for OPWDD services

2. Reside at home full-time with one or more non-paid family member(s) or non-paid caregiver(s) A person does not need to be enrolled in Medicaid to receive FSS.

family support services 1

FSS Services include:

Individuals Seeking Successful Inclusion (ISSI)

Genesee and Orleans counties

Assists people with increasing their access and opportunities for participation in the community by providing transportation and support at events, activities and locations of interest to individuals that require limited supervision.

Intensive Family Services (IFS)

Genesee and Orleans counties

Participants with behavioral and/or intensive needs receive training and support in skills. This can include support with challenging behaviors that occur in the home and community, parent training and support and linkage to other resources to benefit the family unit.

Empowering Families

Genesee and Orleans counties

  • Offers advocacy, outreach and training on supports and services available through the educational system.
  • Focus on learning general advocacy skills for someone who has a disability or for the family members supporting them.
  • Family training and support to address parent/child interactions and increase and improve communication skills within the family to alleviate stressors and challenges within the family unit.
  • Information and referral to ensure families are linked with appropriate supports and services.

Family Reimbursement

All counties

Provided to help families by easing expenses of providing care of a family member with an intellectual or developmental disability. It is funding of last resort and must meet the OPWDD guidelines for an allowable reimbursement and be within the OPWDD funding caps.

Behavior Support and Training

 Livingston and Wyoming counties

Provides direct behavior management services, which will include a behavioral assessment, behavior management guidelines, and training to family members and significant caregivers. Training is also provided to contract participants both individually and in group settings.

Service Access/Outreach

Livingston and Wyoming counties

Assists families and individuals with navigating through the OPWDD eligibility process and provide linkage to services. They are also provide outreach to both families and other community partners and agencies with resources, training, information and support.

Autism Support and Training

Livingston and Wyoming counties

Provides support to individuals and their family members with an autism diagnosis. The program will assist with reducing behaviors that propose a risk. It will help improve social relationships and increase opportunities to optimize integration for the individual into their community. Program staff use the TEACCH model to provide needed support.

Volunteer Relationship Manager

Livingston and Wyoming counties

Matches individuals with volunteer and intern opportunities of interest within the community. They will establish partnerships with community businesses and organizations and then provide needed transportation, support and supervision to the individuals in the program to facilitate a successful experience.


Livingston and Wyoming counties

Provides transportation to individuals enrolled in the Supported Employment Program to maintain their employment.


For more information or questions about the programs Jenifer Batt for Genesee and Orleans counties at or (585) 589-5516 ext. 1150 or Kristen Blaszak for Livingston and Wyoming counties at or (585) 658-2828 ext. 2239.

If submitting a referral, contact Jean Angililli at or (585) 343-1123.